Washable Wearable Light merged in sports wear fabric.

Rio 2016: USA Opening Ceremony parade uniform will be glowing – using Wearable Light technology

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A fantastic moment for Wearable Light at the Rio Olympics 2016. Team USA will be wearing the first-ever illuminated Flag Bearer jacket during the Opening Ceremony at the Rio Olympics 2016.  The uniforms are designed by Polo Ralph Lauren and electroluminescent panels fitted by Flextronics.  Light Flex Technology has developed an electroluminescent technology with a patented washable lighting merged with fabric …

Light Flex and POC make ski slopes safer for children

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Light Flex’s continued collaboration with POC has resulted in POCito – a prototype ski helmet for children with in-mold Light Flex technology. The integration of Light Flex in the back of the helmet increases visibility on ski slopes and helps prevent accidents. POCito prototype will be shown at ISPO in Munich, January 24-27 2016. Light Flex continues its rapid development …