A breakthrough in the automotive industry and prestigious innovation award nomination from International CES 2019

A breakthrough in the automotive industry and prestigious innovation award nomination from International CES 2019

It’s been an exciting and intense time for Light Flex Technology.

Light Flex Technology, first developed its active light technology to meet the need to increase the safety of emergency personnel such as police, transport and rescue services, under extreme conditions, where regular warning clothes with reflexes are insufficient.

Toughening legislation, an increasing awareness of working conditions and safety, as well as new workplace regulations have since greatly increased the need for high visibility workwear in a number of occupational categories. Light Flex Technologies now offers a variety of commercial solutions to meet the market demand.

Many things are tracking well, and we’ve hit a number of milestones in several different industries. I’d like to recognize two major developments in particular as they represent breakthroughs with the top global brands in their respective category:

1. Light Flex Technology has made collaboration with Scania to provide the company’s trucks with smart alert vests with active light technology, called Scania C-Me Vest. Scania has made an initially order of the C-Me, which will be shipped to the Scania dealer network around the world and as well be available for all customers as a part of the regular spare part inventory. These vests were prominently displayed for the first time in connection with Scania’s exhibit at the IAA Commercial Vehicle fair in Hanover, Germany, in September.

“Scania’s C-me vest adds intelligence, visibility and safety which increase the level of protection of the driver,” says Peter Hellberg, Product Manager at Vehicle Accessories, Scania. Drivers are vulnerable when working alone. By wearing the Scania C-me vest they will automatically draw attention to themselves if something goes wrong, and get help.”

“This is truly what you might call a sixth sense: a garment that ‘keeps an eye’ on the driver and in fact can make the difference between life and death under certain conditions,” says Hellberg. It is up to each user to decide which level of monitoring they are comfortable with. But I’m convinced that anyone who falls from their truck during loading would appreciate fast emergency help.”

It is gratifying that the world’s largest vehicle group has chosen to equip its Scania trucks with smart warning clothes and using our technology, thus leading the way to safety for its drivers on the roads. The vests we have developed with Scania are among the smartest garments available on the market today and it’s a big step forward compared to the now obsolete reflex technology, which, for example, losing much of its function in rain or fog.

2. Light Flex Technology has developed a safety system for garments for the mining industry together with mining giant Boliden. The garments are equipped with worker proximity sensors to alert drivers of mining vehicles of nearby workers in the mines and respond with light pattern responses on the garments. The garments also use Ericsson’s precise positioning system for worker location & advanced safety management. Moreover, the safety garments enhance worker safety in autonomous vehicle environments.

We are also very pleased that our Scania C-me Vest has been nominated the annual CES Innovation Awards program in the product category Wearable Technologies. CES Innovation Awards program celebrates outstanding product design and engineering in brand-new consumer technology products. The European Honorees were announced early at CES Unveiled Amsterdam on September 27, 2018 in advance of the show in Las Vergas in January of 2019.

At Light Flex Technology, we continue to come across new research on a regular basis which validates that illuminated and intelligent clothing is the future.

We are very pleased that we can continue to be at the forefront of developments in the industry and the major partners that choose to work with us is an important validation of that our products and solutions really are second-to-none.

All in all, we are calling our products “connected fashion” and we believe that we make the world’s most intelligent clothing and it’s the future of the garment industry. We have just scratched the surface of the many commercial applications for our patented intelligent and illuminated wearable solutions.

We are continuing to meet with potential new clients in a wide range of industries with very different needs and we are certain to have more positive news on new developments in the near future as well as a report from International CES in January.

Very best regards,

Victoria Bäcksin, CEO, Light Flex Sweden AB, + 34 (629) 574 740, victoria@lightflextechnology.com