Bringing the World’s Smartest Garments to the Mass-Market!

FEBRUARY 2, 2020
Heading into 2020, we are very excited that our breakthrough technology is finally hitting the mass-market and will begin to make a positive impact for thousands and hopefully soon millions of people around the world.
The safety garment industry is characterized by rigorous certification processes as well as toughening legislation, so the challenges we face as a startup, bringing new innovative products to market, are not to be underestimated. Unlike in other apparel categories, our products simply can’t be rushed, as their functionality is, quite literally, a matter of life and death.
However, the strict rules which apply to safety garments, also create high barriers to entry, which increase our competitive advantage, once all certificates are in place. In light of that, we are now extremely pleased to have finally been given all the necessary approvals for compliance with all relevant regulations in the multi-billion Euro commercial vehicle market.

First Major Production Begins First Half of 2020

First out in large scale production is our previously announced smart alert vests with flat and flexible light technology, the C-Me Vest, already dubbed “the world’s smartest garment” in industry press. The vests are produced for Scania, which is part of TRATON GROUP, the world’s largest vehicle group, which also include the brands MAN and Volkswagen.
The purchase order from Scania was signed last years and the first few thousand vests are currently under production at our newly contracted state-of-the-art facilities in the EU and Asia. The process of evaluating and choosing production partners have been a long and important piece of the puzzle for us, which we are now very happy to report, is in place. The first shipments are expected to take place in the first half of 2020.
Slated next for mass production are our smart safety garments with our light technology for a number of top clients in various industries, including mining, road construction and law enforcement.
“Mass production is the holy grail of every innovator of breakthrough technologies — this is where you receive your orders, produce the products, ship them to your customers, and repeat,” says Victoria Bäcksin, CEO, Light Flex Technology.
“It has been a long journey to finally get to this point, but that’s what it takes to go to shipping thousands of the world’s smartest garments. Our motivation is our strong belief in that our products will both save lives and make people feel more safe.”

Two Divisions: Professional and Sports Gear

There are a number of other major developments, which happened during 2019 and are in store for 2020, which we would also like to share with you. They represent breakthroughs for our company and our products in a number of key areas:
  1. We presented a new line of smart work wear with our active light technology for the construction and logistics sectors at the major A+A 2019 Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. The line includes a jacket, a parka and a vest.
  2. At the upcoming GPEC 2020 Fair in Frankfurt, Germany, a new police jacket will be introduced, among other workwear, for first response emergency personnel.
  3. IP: We are happy to reveal that we have been granted patents for our wearable technology in China, Japan, Korea, USA as well as in the EU.
  4. In 2019, we took our first steps into the non-professional sports gear market. In 2020, the company will operate two separate divisions: One dedicated to B2B and professionals and one dedicated to B2C and consumers, in particular targeting sports and light vehicle safety sports gear, with our of web-shop as well as selling through a handful of carefully selected retail partners and brands.
“Up to this point, we have been extremely focused on the B2B-market. However, we have experienced an ever increasing demand for our products in the B2C-market, especially with the new wave of small electrical vehicles such as scooters and e-bikes hitting the market,” says Victoria Bäcksin, CEO, Light Flex Technology.
“Unfortunately, we are already seeing fatal accidents happening, as these new vehicles get more popular. This has led us to conclude that we need to accelerate our B2C offering. Many accidents can be avoided, if the drivers are more visible on the road” says Victoria Bäcksin, CEO, Light Flex Technology.

Next Steps On Our Journey To Save More Lives

As we now have been certified and gained patents and proved market traction with some of the largest industrial brands globally, we now head into a new phase of our journey, mass-production of both B2B and B2C smart garments.

We are now at the point where we will start a broader marketing push, including our own online store and a number of new key hires to ramp up sales. We are very thankful for all the investors and partners who have helped us get to this point and look forward to welcome new members of our team shortly to grow our partner network and build brand trust and traction.

“It is very exciting to reach this point, after years of R&D, when our technology and our products is ready to be shipped to various customers around the world. The real payoff here, for me and my growing team, is of course to know that we are finally able to contribute, substantially, to reduce the loss of life and serious accidents” says Victoria Bäcksin, CEO, Light Flex Technology.
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